“Forest 4 Earth” is a civic reforestation initiative established in Lithuania with the aim of purchasing as much as possible
of abandoned land and deforestation areas in order to convert them into protected areas, where trees will be planted to grow until natural forests are formed. Also buying existing forests and preserving them until they form natural old woods as well.

Gather a legal entity of professionals, experts and proactive citizens who oppose the current direction of forest management.

Mission: Create as many natural areas as possible.

Principles of the initiative:

  1. The initiative shall function as a “Forests for the Earth” Association, uniting an unlimited number of members. The association is chaired by a board of nine volunteers. Anyone may become a member of the Association or the Board. The
    membership fee to the Association is currently EUR 1,000.
  2. Land plots are purchased with membership contributions or the donations of private sponsors. The purchased land is the property of the Association and the Articles of Association ensure that the land of the Association will never become
    the property of its members and their family members and will not be sold or donated. The association may accept land ownership as a gift from legal and natural persons.
  3. The headquarters of the Association “Forests for the Earth” is located in Trakai district, Gervinių 4, and all plots are purchased within the radius of 50 km from it until the branch offices of the Association are established in other places of Lithuania.
  4. The financial statements of the Association shall be drawn up each year and shall be made available to all members of the Association.

Activities of the “Forests for the Earth” Association:

  1. Reforesting of the land, increasing diversity of trees, flora and fauna.
  2. Establishing of tree nurseries; collection and storage of tree seeds.
  3. Adaptation of some forest areas for educational activities, promoting conscious connection with nature: creation of places of interest for observation of trees, animals and birds, for leisure activities.
  4. Establishing of an information / educational centre; creating workplaces for promoting Association’s activities; forest management; organizing international volunteering.
  5. Trading souvenirs with association merchandise to raise additional funds for the Association’s main purpose.

Possible forms of joining the initiative are:

  1. Active participation in the day-to-day management of the Association, through participation in its Board.
  2. Volunteering by planting trees and carrying out other tasks, organizing the publicity of the Association, disseminating ideas, attracting new members and raising funds.
  3. Passive membership, when the membership fee is paid and the members only attend the annual meetings.