You can join our volunteer team at any of the following events:
April 24 – 26, 2020: Transplanting of the young oaks in the nursery of the „Cranes Nest“. More info on the FB event: „Transplanting oaks at the „Cranes Nest“

If you would like to enjoy us, please text email: miskaizemei(eta)

There is a shortage of ordinary oak seedlings in Lithuania, therefore in 2018 we sowed 10,000 acorns and are now growing oaks in pots. In three to four years we will be able to distribute these oaks around Lithuania. Recently, five giant oak leaves were formed from the pots with the oak seedlings in the nursery. These leaves are named “Openness”, “Love”, “Wisdom”, “Creativity” and “Peace”. Oak nursery is open for volunteering: weeding, watering, grafting and meditating.

Oaks nursery

We sowed 10000 acorns. 18/10/20