Would you like to join us?

Would you like to join us? We invite anyone who supports the Association’s goals to join in any preferred form. They can be as follows:

  1. Active participation in the day-to-day management of the Association, through participation in its Board.
  2. Volunteering by planting trees and carrying out other tasks, organizing the Association’s publicity, disseminating ideas, attracting new members and raising funds. Information about the Association’s events is published and regularly updated in the EVENTS section.
  3. Passive membership, when the membership fee is paid and the members only attend the annual meetings.
  4. Financial support of the initiative by transferring the funds to the account of the Association “Forests for the Earth”.  VšĮ Draugiški šeimai bank account LT317300010115689070, Swed bank

Contact us with any questions by emailing to: miskaizemei(eta)gmail.com